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Design & installation: CUSTOMIZED
in-ground sprinkler & irrigation systems

Maintenance or renovation / upgrades to your existing irrigation system

convenience to your property
with an in-ground irrigation
system from Green Way ...

In our fourth decade under our same ownership, Green Way Irrigation Inc. of Southington, CT has been Connecticut's full service provider of irrigation sprinkler systems for residential & commercial applications including ... but not exclusive to single family homes, condo complexes, etc. Call us 1.855.247.7448 and see the positive difference a Green Way Irrigation system can make.

Green Way also maintains many of Connecticut's commercial properties ... such as municipalities, corporate parks and higher education facilities throughout much of Connecticut. This includes areas such as West Hartford CT, Farmington CT, and Madison CT. For a complete listing of towns we serve, CLICK HERE.

Green Way provides YOU with customized and affordable solutions for all new system installations ... whether you require a few zones or a multi-head watering system. Green Way uses only the highest quality brand irrigation sprinkler heads. Those include Hunter, Rain Bird, Toro, Weathermatic and more.

  • Qualified technician on every installation
  • We have a comprehensive stock of inventory

Concerned about cost?
It's more affordable than you think!

Green Way's customized irrigation systems are designed for efficiency-ensuring that your turf is healthy ... your plants vibrant & healthy ... so ultimately your property looks spectacular all season.

For customers who desire comprehensive irrigation solutions, our technicians utilize specialized equipment specifically designed for troubleshooting & repairs.

Whether you need a new sprinkler system ... want to upgrade or modernize your existing system ... or expand your sprinkler system to irrigate additional areas of your property-You will receive a cost-effective solution to meet or exceed your specific irrigation needs. In all cases, your irrigation will be both efficient and money saving.

Rely on Green Way Irrigation for all your design, installation and maintenance-including irrigation auditing.

Green Way Irrigation will provide a cost-effective solution to meet your specific irrigation needs. Call 855.247.7448 today!

Benefits associated with
a Green Way automatic irrigation
system in your landscape

Improves health & vitality
of your landscape

... while increasing your property value.

Saves Time

Homeowners: no more hand-watering ... or dragging around the filthy hose to lawn & plants.

Saves Money

Lower your utility bills: precisely timed waterings means water usage is calibrated and waste is minimized. You will achieve lush turf, robust plants and best-of-all-YOU SAVE money.

Saves Water:
Ideal if you purchase "city water" ...
or rely on a "well"

Green Way Irrigation provides efficient and affordable irrigation for residential and commercial properties that saves our customers time and promotes water conservation. We do this by employing highly-skilled licensed technicians who use proprietary methodologies to design, maintain or install state-of-the-art efficient sprinkler systems. Green Way's customized sprinkler systems are designed for efficiency that keeps your turf healthy ... your plants vibrant & healthy ... which means your property is looking spectacular all season.

Green Way Inc. provides you with:

  • Customized irrigation solutions
  • FREE Estimates
  • NEW INSTALLATION CUSTOMERS: your first year Winterization (blow out) & Spring turn on is FREE
  • Certificates of insurance upon request
  • Technical Support by fully licensed personnel
  • Back flow installation according to your local code
  • Affordable maintenance agreements
  • Reliable and professional service
  • All products carry manufacturer's warranty
  • Rain sensor technology to prevent overwatering ... and so much more!


When it comes to residential or commercial in-ground sprinklers,
we will deliver "on the promises we say we can deliver on!"
At Green Way, we are as reliable and affordable as the reputation that precedes us.

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Advantages of partnering with Green Way Installed Automatic irrigation Systems

Every inch of your property will have the coverage and distribution of water you requested. Green Way designs & installs auto-irrigation system with water conservation as it's most important factor. Watering will be timed and calibrated so there will be no wasted water-and yet you will achieve lush turf, robust plants and best-of-all-YOU SAVE money.

Green Way Irrigation systems are safe, efficient and quiet. Still skeptical?

Why a Green Way Irrigation System? Find out, click here.

Green Way provides the most efficient irrigation system(s)
that save water & promote beautiful, healthy turf & plants

Green Way, Inc. provides full service professional irrigation services: installation, service and repair of residential and commercial in-ground sprinklers throughout much of Connecticut, such as Farmington, Southington, Plainville, West Hartford, Newington, Hartford, New Haven, New Brtain as well as surrounding areas. For a complete listing of towns we serve, CLICK HERE.

Green Way, Inc. is known throughout Connecticut for delivering unequaled professional service, offering the highest quality irrigation products ... at affordable prices. We service all types of sprinkler systems and offer all the irrigation services your system will require. No in-ground sprinkler project is too big ... or too small!

Design & installation of
new in-ground sprinkler systems

Green Way Irrigation, Inc. provides a free evaluation of your watering needs. We work closely with all our customers in designing and installing the appropriate system for their property.

Irrigation additions & renovations

Because of technological advances, your sprinkler system may need to be upgraded. You may find that you have an area of lawn or shrub beds you would like to add water to. Green Way, Inc. will provide you with a complete cost evaluation at no charge to you.

In-ground sprinkler system & irrigation system repairs

As your home grows and the landscape changes, Green Way Irrigation's highly skilled service technicians can analyze and repair any and all problems that may develop over time. We have specialized equipment designed for troubleshooting and repairing irrigation systems. Although there is an occasional exception, our vehicles are fully stocked with replacement parts. This will allow any repairs to be taken care of immediately in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Sprinkler Services: Spring Startup and Activation

Green Way Irrigations "Spring start up" program is essential for a trouble-free year. Our qualified service technicians can evaluate and make any necessary adjustments to your system, and prevent potential problems that may develop. All sprinkler heads are inspected and adjusted for proper coverage, along with the unnecessary use of water.

Winterization and "blowout" of irrigation systems

Green Way Irrigation, Inc. provides a complete and thorough winterization of your in-ground irrigation system. Every water line and sprinkler head are "blown out" completely to prevent any freezing of the pipes, back flow valve and heads to prevent winter damage to your system.

Irrigation system repairs:
Design & installation of new in-ground sprinkler systems

Green Way Irrigation, Inc. is your full service professional irrigation company specializing in the installation, service and repair of residential and commercial in-ground sprinklers throughout much of Connecticut including parts of Hartford County, Middlesex County, and New Haven County. For a complete listing of towns we serve, CLICK HERE.

In our fourth decade under the same ownership, Green Way Irrigation, Inc. continues it's reputation for providing the highest quality irrigation products and services at affordable prices. Our entire staff at Green Way continually delivers unequaled professional irrigation service ... while using only the top quality sprinkler system products. We service most types of sprinkler systems and provide the irrigation services your system will require. No in-ground sprinkler project is too big ... or too small!

We also provide commercial irrigation systems for commercial properties, municipal projects, high schools and colleges, athletic fields and other facilities. We will custom design your irrigation system that will meet your needs. We are OSHA certified. Call Green Way Irrigation 1.855.247.7448 for all your installation and irrigation maintenance and service needs, including irrigation auditing.

How Green Way helps YOU:

After thoroughly analyzing the ecosystem of your landscape, our technicians will design for you-the ideal irrigation system renovation method for your property-thus creating the most affordable and water efficient system available. Our expertise, combined with the ability of your irrigation system to deliver precise amounts of water across your landscape evenly, is essential to creating an optimal irrigation solution. Green Way accomplishes this through proper placement of sprinkler heads, the correct sizing of irrigation nozzles, proper zoning of your system, while utilizing the latest and greatest products available for precise zone and system control.

Whether you need one head changed, adjusted or moved, Green Way Irrigation will do it for you. Whether your system has a broken head, a leaky valve or a bad irrigation controller, many instances it can be fixed while we are on site. If your system is in need of a rain sensor or a sprinkler head raised, we have it covered.

We service the following Connecticut geographical areas (alphabetically):

Beacon Falls 06403 • Berlin 06037 • Bristol 06010, 06011 • Cheshire 06408, 06410, 06411 • Clinton 06413 • East Haven 06512, 06513 • Farmington 06030, 06032, 06034, 06085 • Hamden 06514,06517,06518 • Madison 06443 • Marion 06444 • Meriden 06450, 06451, 06454 • New Britain 06050, 06051, 06052, 06053 • New Haven 06501, 06502, 06503, 06504, 06506, 06506, 06507,06508, 06509,06510,06511,06512, 06513, 06514, 06515, 06516, 06517, 06518, 06519, 06520, 06521, 06524, 06525, 06530, 06531, 06532, 06533, 06534, 06535, 06536, 06537, 06538, 06540 • North Haven 06473 • Old Saybrook 06475 • Plainville 06062 • Plantsville 06479 • Prospect 06712 • Southington 06489 • South Meriden 06451 • Wallingford 06492, 06493, 06494, 06495 • Waterbury 06701, 06702, 06703, 06704, 06705, 06706, 06708, 06710, 06712, 06716, 06720, 06721,06722, 06723, 06724, 06725, 06726, 06749 • Westbrook 06498 • West Hartford 06105, 06107, 06110, 06117, 06119, 06127, 06133, 06137 • West Haven 06516 • Wolcott 06705, 06716, 06719 • Yalesville 06492

Green Way Irrigation
provides excellent
products and exemplary
service. They
are a professional
company who
completes work on
time and on budget.
Their technicians
are very helpful …
they explained to
me what they were
doing and how my
system worked …
they even took the
time to explain how
the control panel


Irrigation Services:
Residential & Commercial

We will design a custom system for your property. In doing so, Green Way ensures that your specific desires are achieved. In our fourth decade of experience under the same ownership, our qualified technicians understand the complete spectrum of irrigation projects, both commercial & residential sprinkler systems. Our entire installation team will carefully and professionally see to it that your system is completed in a timely fashion, providing minimum disruption to your landscaping.

Whether you desire irrigation for your home ... condo complex ... an office complex ... town municipality ... sports complex .. or maintain the greenery of your business park's landscape-we have the irrigation expertise and equipment to go from concept-to-completion.

Since 1983, Green Way Irrigation has always done our part to better serve our customer-taking into account your environment AND budget. The commercial irrigation systems that we design and install are a wonderful way for you or your business to conserve water, not to mention time and money. In addition, we offer installation of commercial drip irrigation, so that your plants will be sure to receive the right amount of water toward their roots.

Green way provides you with the most friendly customer service available in Connecticut. We are licensed and insured for your confidence and peace of mind. If you're ready to put your commercial irrigation plans into motion, call Green Way today!

  • We are licensed in the state of Connecticut
  • We meet or exceed OSHA 10 standards and requirements for site construction. Our company and our employees have NEVER received any citation
  • We partner with general contractors throughout the state of Connecticut
  • Our courteous, professional technicians install and maintain your irrigation system neatly, quickly and efficiently.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art materials that are made-tolast- such as Hunter, Toro or Rainbird.
We design, install
and service for
  • Commercial projects
  • Municipal and town projects
  • University or higher education campuses
  • High School fields
  • Athletic fields

Green Way Irrigation is able to set up your commercial irrigation systems with a two wire decoder system allowing for remote monitoring. We have the skilled work force to handle commercial projects and respond to service calls.

Never, EVER
drag that
dirty hose around
your property

Each one of Green Way's irrigation systems is customized, designed, built & maintained according to the needs of your landscape, the size of the property you wish to irrigate and the number of sprinkler heads required to provide head-to-head coverage.

The question you may wish to ask yourself is ‘How much money will I SAVE on an irrigation system.'

Our sprinkler systems are designed to deliver water to the crucial parts of your property in the most efficient, environmentally friendly way possible, yet still keeping your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful. Green Way utilizes only state-of-the-art irrigation technology-delivered by highly skilled technicians-so your system delivers the highest level of water efficiency.

The actual cost of your installation will vary based on property needs … yet the money you will save on property maintenance over the life of your system is invaluable!

We have affordable & reliable irrigation solutions for you:

Are you ready to move forward now with an efficient irrigation system
that will promote beautiful, healthy turf & plants?


31 Melissa Court
Southington, CT 06489


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