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FREE no obligation in ground sprinkler system estimates

Design & installation: CUSTOMIZED
in-ground commercial sprinkler systems

Maintenance or renovation / upgrades of existing irrigation systems

Commercial Sprinkler Services

We will design a custom layout for your property. In doing so, Green Way ensures that your specific needs are met. In our fourth decade of experience, our skilled technicians understand the complete spectrum of irrigation projects, particularly commercial sprinkler systems. An installation team will carefully and professionally install your system in a timely fashion, providing minimum disruption to your landscaping.

Whether you desire irrigation for your condo complex ... an office complex ... town municipality ... or maintain the greenery of your business park's landscape-we have the irrigation expertise and equipment to go from concept-to-completion.

Since 1983, Green Way Irrigation has always done our part to better serve our customer-taking into account your environment AND budget. The commercial irrigation systems that we design and install are a wonderful way for you or your business to save large amounts of water, not to mention time and money. In addition, we offer installation of drip irrigation, so that your plants will be sure to receive the right amount of water toward their roots.

Green Way provides you with the most friendly customer service available in Connecticut. We are licensed and insured for your confidence and peace of mind. If you're ready to put your commercial irrigation plans into motion, call Green Way today!

  • We are fully licensed in the state of Connecticut
  • We meet or exceed OSHA 10 standards and requirements for site construction. Our company and our employees have NEVER received any citation.
  • We partner with general contractors throughout the state of Connecticut
  • Our courteous, professional technicians install and maintain your irrigation system neatly, quickly and efficiently.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art materials that are made-to-last-such as Hunter, Toro, Rainbird Weathermatic and others.


We install and service:

  • Commercial projects
  • Municipal and town projects
  • University or higher education campuses
  • High School fields
  • Athletic fields

Green Way Irrigation is able to set up your commercial irrigation systems with a two wire decoder system allowing for remote monitoring.

We have the work force to handle commercial projects and respond to service calls.

Irrigation Auditing

Irrigation auditing utilizes water recepticles to measure water distribution. This allows Green Way to evaluate your system and formulate a proper watering schedule to care for your landscape.

Irrigation Auditing is a series of tests that evaluate your irrigation system. The tests search for any defects that your system may have. Using the information retrieved from the audit, Green Way can help formulate a proper watering schedule for your system to give adequate water to your landscape.

What steps does Green Way take to audit your irrigation system?

  • Turn on system
  • Flag all heads
  • Measure spacing and mark mid-points between heads
  • Place water measuring receptacles
  • Take readings
  • Measure head pressure
  • Advance zone-by-zone

Green Way's testing reveals deficiencies in your system, including:

  • Pressure problems
  • Inadequate head spacing
  • Insufficient water supply
  • Defective system components

How does Green Way audit an irrigation system?

  • Systems tune up-This consists of checking the sprinkler heads for the proper height, making sure they are properly adjusted, the nozzles are properly calibrated and installed, and that the heads work in a predictable manner.
  • Calculate correct run times, station by station (zone-by-zone)
  • Develop the water schedules based on weather
  • Fine Tune the watering schedule

The benefits of Green Way auditing your irrigation system:

  • It allows us to precisely fine tune your system
  • Saves you money
  • Conserves water
  • Protects and saves your lawn from over or under watering
  • Improves your landscape & property value
  • Less fertilizer and chemicals required

We own numerous
properties throughout
the area and we
use the services of
Green Way Irrigation
for all of them.
We have done
business with them
for over 10 years
and are consistently
efficient and professional
regardless of
the task.


We are a fully licensed
irrigator in the
state of

Department of Consumer
Protection - Connecticut
Irrigation License #208713

Department of
Environmental Protection
Arborist License #S-1090

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