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1. Do I need to be home when Green Way arrives to perform our Spring irrigation start up?

No, as long as we have access to the water "turn on" and your controller to properly set it. If you have a "flo tech valve" (remote), we can work from outside. However, if we do not have access, we cannot set the controller..

2. I cannot get the water to stop even if I unplug my irrigation controller. Now what?

In an effort to help you eliminate an unnecessary service call - we encourage you to first try this ... Sometimes, particularly with a new installation or after a spring start up, there is sediment that may clog or stick in some of the lines and valve areas. The best thing to do is NOT to panic. Outside your home is a large brass valve mounted up off the ground called a Backflow Preventer. Slowly turn the lever on the pipe connected to the Backflow Preventer from the horizontal position with the pipe to parallel with the pipe. Leave in the off position for an hour or so. This will stop the flow of water, allowing the valve to release. Most times the sediment will be released when the water pressure / flow subsides and the problem will clear itself. You may have to repeat this procedure more than once to correct the issue. If this does not correct your issue, Green Way can be reached at 1.855.247.7448 to schedule your service call.

3. I hear a loud noise when my in-ground irrigation system turns on. What is it?

There may be air in the pipes, a loose bracket, or the water meter may be too small and a larger meter will be needed. If a larger meter is needed, you will need to call the city to change the meter.

4. What do I need to do when my sprinkler system is winterized, and how long does it take?

We will need access to the main irrigation water line in your basement and your controller (which is either located in the garage or basement). It takes an average of thirty minutes to complete. If you shut off the water main line inside your home, we will only need access to the controller.

5. I have brown spots on my lawn. Is my irrigation system delivering the coverage I need?

There are different reasons you may be getting brown spots and some of them are not irrigation related. Investigate the problem with a knowledgeable lawn service. Many times insects, fungus, and disease are the culprit.

6. How can I tell if my turf or plants are getting the proper irrigation coverage?

Run your system manually during the daylight hours and observe the spray patterns. Many fungi, bacterias and bug infestation can cause brown spots. The result of many of the above "mimics" the same brown spots that occur from non-watering. You can also verify coverage by placing a container on the brown spot and running the system manually. If water collects in the container, you are getting proper coverage in the area. If you are certain that you do not see proper coverage in the areas of concern, please do not hesitate to call us for service.

7. My irrigation system is not reaching all the way to the back of my garden bed, foundation plantings, road side plantings, etc.

Water seeps into the ground past where it falls. Green Way personnel will not allow heads to hit foundations or houses. Allowing this to happen may cause more problems than you would want. Water will typically seep horizontally into the ground. If you are still concerned about these areas, you may want to consider adding a dedicated zone for the area.

8. I'm trying to start/run my irrigation system manually and nothing is happening ... what now?

The main reason for systems not coming on manually is due to the rain sensor. A rain sensor may take up to 7 days to "dry out" and allow normal function of your system. Engage your sensor by-pass switch and try again. If this is not the case, check all your valves and make sure they are open. Children and other contractors have been known to shut these valves. Call and schedule a service appointment if the problem persists.

9. It's raining out and my in-ground sprinkler system is still watering!

Many times, customers forget to put the rain sensor by-pass switch back to the "AUTO" position. Remember that a rain sensor may take several hours to "engage" depending on the rate of rainfall.

10. What should I do to prepare for aeration of my lawn?

Although flagging your irrigation heads helps identify where your irrigation lines may be under ground, it is likely that a line or a head will be "hit" during the aeration process. EXPECT DAMAGE TO OCCUR!!! Although lines are generally deep enough to avoid damage, different conditions can cause a line to rise such as roots, rocks, ledge, frost heaves, etc. Aeration damage is NOT covered under warranty.

11. When I am on vacation, should I turn my irrigation system off?

No, but in case of mechanical failure or an unexpected system problem, it is always a good idea to have a neighbor that can get access to your home and has Green Way's phone number.

12. How much does or should an automated irrigation system cost?

Each Green Way system is custom designed and built according to the needs of your landscape, the size of the property you wish to irrigate and the number of sprinkler heads required to provide head to head coverage. The question you should be asking is 'How much money will I SAVE on an irrigation system.' Our systems are designed to deliver water to the crucial parts of your property in the most efficient, environmentally friendly way possible, yet still keeping your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful. We utilize only state-of-the-art irrigation technology to provide the highest level of water efficiency. The actual cost of installation will vary based on your needs…but the money you will save on property maintenance over the life of your system is invaluable.

13. How much time does it take to install an irrigation system?

Installation can range from one-plus days, depending on the complexity of your system needs and the terrain of your property. Most residential systems average 1 1/2 -2 days. Our technicians are trained in our proprietary installation methodologies. This means that our staff has the skill and knowledge to properly install your system in a professional and timely manner ... the right way, the first time.

14. Will installing a new in-ground sprinkler system damage my lawn?

There is always some scarring involved when a new system is installed within an existing lawn. We provide expert design and installation methods that are minimally invasive, causing the least amount of disruption possible so healing happens in the quickest time allotted. Our team is highly trained in every aspect of installation, so you can rest assured that your property … and your investment … are protected.

15. Aren't irrigation systems a waste of water?

Our systems and equipment are designed with water conservation and the environment in mind. We install only the highest quality, most efficient sprinkler heads available so your lawn and landscaping get the most coverage, using the least amount of water. You save money and conserve water, while enjoying a healthy, beautiful lawn all season long.

16. Can I install an in-ground sprinkler system myself?

There are many factors that come into play when creating a customized sprinkler system. Our team of irrigation technicians know how deep to set the lines, how to build around the other systems on your property and can help you plan for future projects ... such as a patio or deck. We highly recommend you let our experts do the hard work … all you need to do is sit back and enjoy!

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