Attention Southington Residents with Home Irrigation Systems

Backflow Prevention for Irrigation Systems per the Southington Water Department May 1, 2019 The purpose of this blog post is […]

On Planting Bulbs

Everyone enjoys the beauty and esthetic that flowering bulbs lend to a landscape. When planting is as simple as “dig, […]

10 Effective Ways To Minimize Your Lawn from Fleas & Ticks

Mowing your lawn to the proper 4” height reduces flea and tick hang-outs. Both of these insects hide in longer […]

It looks like a bad year for ticks warn Connecticut officials

GreenWay Irrigation has learned that Connecticut officials & the powers that be have seen an increase in the number of […]

Do You Know The Difference Between Perennial And Annual Flowers?

I can’t tell you how many times I’m in a nursery at a big box store and I hear people […]

Can You Spot The Difference Between Over Watering Versus Under Watering?

This is a public service announcement from our professionals at GreenWay Irrigation: Signs Your Lawn Is Experiencing Over Watering: Individual […]

Why Choose Irrigation?

Your property will have a healthy landscape, add curb appeal and have a lower water bill (for those who have […]

Benefits of an Inground Sprinkler System (Irrigation)

How would you like to be the envy of all your neighbors by having the lushest lawn on the block? […]

Recommended Watering Schedule for Your Inground Sprinkler Systems

Established Lawns For our cooler spring and fall Connecticut seasons, we suggest watering every other day. NOTE: Established lawns require […]

Benefits of a Professionally Installed Lawn Irrigation System from GreenWay Irrigation

A healthy lawn ensures your home is framed by a succulent green carpet. A stunning lawn provides additional space for […]

The advantages of hydro seeding

Hydro seeding is considered a quick, cost-effective way to achieve a new lawn that will most certainly turn all your […]

Why you need a backflow prevention device for your inground sprinkler system

What exactly is a Backflow Preventer and why should you care? A backflow preventer is basically a one-way gate for […]

Fall grass planting – part 2 of 2

Yesterday we reminded you that Fall is the best time to plant new grass. Contained within this post & the […]

Fall grass planting – part 1 of 2

Fall is without question the best time to plant new grass. Throughout this post & the next, we will be […]

Winter lawn care & maintenance tips – part 2 of 2

I mentioned yesterday that if you think you were done with yardwork in 2016 and you could focus solely on […]

Winter lawn care & maintenance tips – part 1 of 2

Ahhhh! The crisp fall air is finally here! If you think you were done with yardwork and you could focus […]

More tips about “winterizing” your lawn

“Winterizing” your turf will pave the way for a robust, healthy lawn come spring. The first step in winterizing your […]

“Extreme drought” conditions in Connecticut

The rainfall deficit for 2016 is approximately 6 inches … and yet, if you look as far back as January […]

Now is the time to apply Fall fertilizer to your lawn!

Fall is here and it’s time to fertilize! Now is the optimum time to fertilize because it will strengthen your […]

Distinctive plants that will add color to your seaside property

Want to create a glorious display of color from spring to fall? You too can do it with these plants […]