Why you need a backflow prevention device for your inground sprinkler system

What exactly is a Backflow Preventer and why should you care?

A backflow preventer is basically a one-way gate for water … and according to Connecticut code—it is a key component of your in ground sprinkler/irrigation system. This critical piece of equipment allows water to pass through it in one direction, but prevents water from returning backwards in the opposite direction. Backflow preventers are meant to keep unsafe water from reversing flow and entering your clean water supply.

In Connecticut it is illegal to install an irrigation system without a backflow preventer. So be weary of an irrigation company who says you don’t need one. After all, the last thing you want is unclean water flowing back into the water lines of your residence/building. Plus, you don’t want any hassle with your local inspector, do YOU?

We create your irrigation system according to the rules & codes of Connecticut

At GreenWay, we use a more elaborate, state-of-the-art backflow preventer that consists of multiple check valves, water release valves, air vents, union coupling and more.

Remember, it is “code” to have a Backflow Preventer on your irrigation system in Connecticut!

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  1. James Lee Tucker says

    It’s great that I found your article about backflow preventer. Now I understand that it prevents unsafe water from reversing flow and entering the clean water supply. My wife and I are have been planning to get a sprinkler system to keep our plants and grass healthy since we usually don’t have time to water them in the morning. We’ll look for a professional backflow preventer installation company to help us.

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