Winter lawn care & maintenance tips – part 2 of 2

I mentioned yesterday that if you think you were done with yardwork in 2016 and you could focus solely on the 2016 NFL or college football season … think again!

Here are a few more points to help you maintain a healthy and robust lawn throughout winter for Connecticut lawns.

Follow these additional tips for keeping your lawn in good shape for the freezy cold months ahead.

4. Lawn fertilization and feeding

The “cool season” lawns of Connecticut do not need fertilization throughout the winter months. Fertilize your Connecticut lawn one last time (before November 1st) and get it ready for winter. If you are unsure, consult with your local experts or call GreenWay Irrigation today at 860.628.0028 & we’ll be happy to recommend a master professional that will help.

5. Mowing

Your Connecticut “cool season” lawn should receive a final mowing in the late fall because your lawn is still in a growth phase. We recommend you cut no lower than 3 inches—the good news is—your lawn won’t require mowing until the spring months.

6. Weeding and pest control

If your lawn has unsightly weeds and the ground isn’t too frozen to pull them out, then use this time to pull unwanted weeds from the lawn. Keep on the lookout for any unusual nesting from mice, voles or other rodents; their nests can inhibit the growth of healthy grass. If you have any reoccurring issues with moles, voles or any other pests, be sure you call in the right professional for the job.


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