The advantages of hydro seeding

Hydro seeding is considered a quick, cost-effective way to achieve a new lawn that will most certainly turn all your neighbors green with envy.

It costs only a little more than the old fashioned methods of using hand/dry seeding techniques that require messy straw mulch.

I have found that the cost to have a new lawn installed utilizing hydro seeding is less than 20-35% the cost versus that of using sod. From my experience, I can certainly say that you will be surprised how inexpensive it is to have a truly outstanding lawn when you go the hydro seed route. For me, it took just a few weeks … and I had grass popping up evenly across my one acre of land. It virtually eliminated the question if i should have gone the “sod” route.

Hydro seeding means your new lawn will be sprayed on. A good applicator will apply a generous amount of hydro seeding on your soil. When applied liberally, the protective mulch covering has a solid, attractive green appearance much like that of a green tennis court. Buyers beware: some applicators barely spray on any hydro seed “juice.” Why? It’s a cost-cutter of course. You may have seen properties around town that got a cursory application. The brown soil ends up with a slight green tint. You don’t want that company spraying your lawn. You want one that really coats the ground!

What’s in the hydro seed mixture?

A special blend of seeds are specifically chosen for the conditions and requirements of Connecticut. What seed gets chosen by the applicator depends upon the amount of sun, shade, your terrain, the type of soil you currently have … plus other factors, like children or pets.

A professional will hydro seed your lawn with a tested, high quality, certified turf mix composed of fertilizer, seed, water & finely shredded newspaper that acts like hay. It locks all of the seeds together in a mat so it keeps in contact with the soil. Germination time will depend on the weather, the time of year, the amount of water you continuously apply, the area you live in and other factors. I will assure you that with adequate watering, grass will be visible in 7-10 days, a few days slower if conditions aren’t ideal.


  1. Hydro seeded lawns are known to “come up” faster. The contact of the seed with soil & water, plus ground temperature triggers the germination cycle. It’s not uncommon to see grass up in 7 to 10 days.
  2. Aesthetically speaking, hydro seeding has an attractive green appearance that looks far better than lawns dry seeded and covered with straw mulch.
  3. Unlike straw that is often used as a protective cover for a newly seeded area, hydro seeding mulch has NO weed seed. Note: pasture hay is loaded with weed seed.
  4. Hydro seeding allows the custom tailoring of the proper seed for your landscape. It is not uncommon to use two or even three seeds custom spraying (Kentucky Bluegrass, Rye, Fescule).  Be weary of some hydro seeding contractors who will use one seed for shady areas, one for high traffic areas. My experience is the mix is your best bet.
  5. Hydro Seeding mulch adds to the humus content of a lawn as it decomposes. The natural bacterial action of straw will leach nitrogen into the soil as it decomposes.


  1.  Sod is a good solution if your need is to have an instant lawn. I’m letting you know—it’s expensive. Sod generally costs 3 to 5 times more than hydro seeding. Given time, a properly hydro seeded lawn eventually produces turf as nice looking as sod without the potential pitfalls (see 2, 3 & 4).
  2.  With hydro seeding, the new seedlings are grown directly on your soil. Sod can have a problem with the type of soil it was grown on because it might not have sufficient compatibility with your soil. If you have ever seen sod that looks like it could be rolled right back up even years after it was planted—that is sod that did not take.
  3. With sod, the roots are chopped off when harvested. It may result in a less healthy plant that will need much attention.
  4. With sod, it is important to have sod installed by a professional who has a lot of experience.  Remember that sod will shrink over the first month and if it is not installed properly, gaps will open up between the sod rows leaving unsightly lines in your lawn.

It’s not an all or nothing thing. You can mix and match!

Should you decide to use sod—or as some people do—they sod the front lawn for instant curb appeal, and then they hydro seed the back lawn … GO FOR IT!

We hope that you will consult trained professionals before you install beautiful new lawn.

Hope this helped!



  1. Callum Palmer says

    I didn’t realize that there were so many benefits to gain from hydroseeding your lawn. If it really can allow you to tailor the right amount of seed for your lawn then I’ll have to try it. My biggest problem with other lawn growing methods has always been how much excess I have left over.

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