Benefits of a Professionally Installed Lawn Irrigation System from GreenWay Irrigation

A healthy lawn ensures your home is framed by a succulent green carpet. A stunning lawn provides additional space for family event’s, games and summer parties. It’s what makes your yard the ideal outdoor living space. One of the keys to a luscious green lawn is reliable watering—and one of the easiest ways to ensure proper watering is through a lawn irrigation system from GreenWay Irrigation. Here are some of the benefits of having GreenWay Irrigation install your irrigation system.

We install inground sprinkler systems according to your local towns codes

It’s all about doing it right. Rest assured, GreenWay Irrigation is fully compliant with your town’s codes and installation requirements. It’s the ultimate peace-of-mind for you the homeowner. When you meet with one of our experts, we will explain in greater detail why it’s critical to play by your towns rules.


Dragging around that dirty hose is labor intensive. PICTURE THIS: Two to three times (or more) a week, you’ll have to drag the garden hose from storage, uncoil it and attach it to your spigot. And we want to remind you that you will have to get up and water your lawn BEFORE sunrise, because if you don’t, the sun’s heat will evaporate the droplets before the water makes it’s way to the roots of your grass. You will need to walk around your front yard to ensure that you cover all of the lawn or plants. I want to remind you that you’ll have to repeat the process in your backyard before coiling the hose and storing it all over again. Who needs that?

With a reliable lawn irrigation system from GreenWay Irrigation, you specify “when” and “how often” you want your watering to occur … and then your automatic system conveniently hydrates your lawn. And on the days that it rains, our systems have a rain sensor that shuts off your sprinklers so you won’t waste any water.

Water conservation

When you’re standing with a hose in your hand, how do you know how much water to use on a section of your lawn before moving on? You may underwater or, in most cases, overwater. Per your specifications, our automatic inground lawn sprinkler systems are set to dispense the exact amount of water each and every time.

Increase your property value

A beautiful lawn not only increases your home’s curb appeal, but it contributes to the value of your home. In short, it’s an excellent sales feature should you decide to sell your home in the future. It’s easy to conclude that potential home buyers will enjoy the convenience of a properly installed lawn irrigation system—versus having to water the lawn manually.

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  1. Becca Holton says

    That section focused on how convenient an irrigation system would probably be the reason I’d have one installed. It really does sound labor intensive when you think about it. I figure many people have busy lives and could use that time on something more important.

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