Recommended Watering Schedule for Your Inground Sprinkler Systems

Established Lawns

For our cooler spring and fall Connecticut seasons, we suggest watering every other day. NOTE: Established lawns require far less water than newly sodded or freshly seeded areas.

For those intense hot summer northeast weeks, we recommend that you water five to six times a week—providing you comply with your local town regulations. Watering between 2:30-6AM is the optimal time of the morning. Your watering should conclude prior to sunrise to ensure the water will seep into your the soil as deep as possible. This promotes root growth and ensures the root system grows deep. Deep roots help protect your turf in drought conditions.


For newly installed sod, we recommend that you water at least two times per day until it is established. On extremely hot days, it might be necessary for you to add a third water cycle. Once the establishment period (a few weeks) has passed, we recommend you reduce watering frequency (see above).

For twice a day watering, schedule your system for 3-6AM and 6-7 p.m. Be advised: hydrating after sunset may encourage insects and promote fungus on the turf.

Recommended Water Duration

A lawn irrigation system from GreenWay Irrigation includes several different types of sprinkler heads that include, but are not limited to spray heads, rotor heads and drip irrigation. Each distributes different amounts of water. Zones that have spray heads typically require about 5-15 minutes of run time per cycle. And zones consisting of rotor heads typically require about 20-30 minutes of run time per cycle. Drip irrigation is subject to conditions.

With regards to watering, there isn’t a be all, end all solution. Check with our licensed experts if you have any questions by calling our GreenWay Irrigation team at 860.628.0028.

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