Why Choose Irrigation?

Your property will have a healthy landscape, add curb appeal and have a lower water bill (for those who have municipal water & not wells)

Most residential and commercial property owners use incredible amounts of water to keep their grass and landscape healthy, green and lush. When not installed correctly, an automatic irrigation system might end up costing you more money than necessary. Ask for proof that the installer is fully licensed and conforms to all local building codes. Alittle effort now, will save you from a massive headache later. Especially if you go to sell your home and the city wants to know why you didn’t pull a permit. But that’s a story for another day.

Never, ever drag that dirty hose around the yard again!

Automatic inground watering systems are more efficient than manual watering. An irrigation system professionally installed by GreenWay Irrigation will ensure that your turf receives the exact amount of water—in the precise spots—exactly when it is needed. Our experts work hard to make sure your system isn’t watering sidewalks or missing areas of turf—that’s a waste of water and a disservice to you!

PLUS: With an automatic inground sprinkler system, you get the balance and consistency that watering manually with a hose and oscillating sprinklers can’t.

Remember: Your lawnscape is a reflection of you, so let GreenWay Irrigation put in a dependable watering system today.

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