Can You Spot The Difference Between Over Watering Versus Under Watering?

This is a public service announcement from our professionals at GreenWay Irrigation:

Signs Your Lawn Is Experiencing Over Watering:

  • Individual turf blades wilt and behave limp. Blades matte down easy and don’t spring back up after you walk on them
  • You notice you have to increase your mowing and hand raking due to thick thatch growth at the grass root base
  • Your lawn remains soggy for longer periods of time
  • Encourages insects to take up residence at your home

Signs You’re Under Watering Your Lawn:

  • Blades wilt, curl, get thinner and feel crisp under foot. You see this on many lawns during high heat Connecticut summers
  • Soil is arid when you scratch it with your fingernail
  • Grass does not quickly spring back when you walk over it. You probably will hear it crunch as you step around the lawn. NOT GOOD!
  • Slower blade development and growth

Over Watering Can Lead to Disease

Contrary to public opinion, YOU CAN OVER WATER your turfgrass!

Too much water makes your lawn susceptible to disease. Here’s what to look for to help keep your lawn healthy and green.

  • Rot occurs in the thatch in areas not getting direct sunlight. Kneel down and take a whiff. If it smells alittle moldy & musty … consult a professional
  • A fungal disease that starts at the root system known as “root rot” can a lawn to turn yellow—then brown … consult a professional
  • Moss growth: Usually appears in moist conditions in areas with high levels of shade
  • Mildew: An unsightly disease that leaves a powdery-white substance over your lawn’s surface
  • Brown Patch: It’s a turf fungus that creates brown circle in the lawn
  • And there’s so much more …
  • REMEMBER: An automatic inground sprinkler system professionally installed by GreenWay Irrigation will ensure your turf receives the correct amount of water.

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