It looks like a bad year for ticks warn Connecticut officials

GreenWay Irrigation has learned that Connecticut officials & the powers that be have seen an increase in the number of ticks this year, particularly those carrying dangerous diseases.

The Connecticut Post reports

that more than 200 ticks have been submitted for testing to the state’s Agricultural Experiment Station in March, compared to 14 in March 2015. State officials say the number of ticks testing positive for the bacterium that causes Lyme disease is extremely higher than usual.

Experts blame a warm winter and the large population of white-footed mice, which can carry the Lyme disease bacterium and spread it to ticks.

The bacterium is transmitted to humans through tick bites and can cause serious health problem if left untreated.

Health officials are advising us to wear insect repellent and to be extremely vigilant about checking for ticks after spending time outdoors this spring.


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