Vegetables you can grow in your garden (Connecticut)

It’s not too early to start thinking about raising your own veggie crop. Why not get a major head start […]

Our thoughts for top garden magazines – honorable mention

We couldn’t leave these off pubs your radar … and by the way, I’m sure we’ll come up with a […]

Our thoughts for top garden magazines – Part 2 of 2

Gardening magazines provide oodles of monthly garden inspiration. They tell us about garden design ideas, new plants and gardening techniques. […]

Our thoughts for top gardening magazines – Part 1 of 2

Gardening magazines provide oodles of monthly garden inspiration. They tell us about garden design ideas, new plants and gardening techniques. […]

Fall is a prime time to prep your yard for the next growing season

Aerate your lawn: If any rainfall pools on your grass, I guarantee it’s time to aerate your compressed soil so […]

Falling leaves a problem? Never, ever clean your gutters again!

Pro-Louv™ Leaf & Debris Gutter Guard Perfect for the DIYer! And at a “buck-a-foot,” anyone can do an average sized […]

Be ready for a “lawn” winter’s nap

I don’t need to remind you that leaf cleanup is a never-ending battle and yet is absolutely essential to the […]

More fall clean up & landscaping tips …

Leave your ornamental grasses or animal-friendly plants intact Some plants provide winter visual interest (like tall grasses) and have the […]

Preparing your garden for the winter

     I can assure you personally of this fact: “fall garden cleanup will make your spring gardening much more fun […]

Automatic Inground Sprinklers: Never drag that dirty hose around your yard again!

Irrigation systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and homeowners like you should weigh your options before having GreenWay Irrigation install […]

Protecting Your Irrigation System From Winter Damage With Winterizing or “Blow out”

Your Simple Guide to Understanding Winterization or “Blow Out” of Your irrigation System Before it’s October, when freezing temps are […]

Sprinkler System Water Conservation Tips

Could you ever imagine that you could actually save water through the use of your irrigation system? I bet you […]

Designing with Planting Bulbs

We touched on the steps for planting yesterday and even gave a couple-two-three tidbits about design … however, today we’ll […]

How to Best Plant Bulbs – Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Loosen all the soil in your planting bed to a depth of at least 8 inches. Remove any […]

Fall Planting Tips

When it comes to fall planting or plant care, I recommend you follow these basic tips for trees, shrubs, perennials […]

Planting Flower Bulbs in the Fall

Planting flower bulbs is quick & easy … and foolproof—well almost. Fall bulbs are desired by both the novice and […]

Planting in the Fall

The experts have told me for years that planting isn’t just a spring activity. However, I have had very little […]

What Exactly Happens at Your Springtime Turn-on

A Sprinkler System Start-Up From Green Way Irrigation Will Help You Save Water, Time And Money in Your Landscape Sometime […]

SAVE WATER … SAVE MONEY in 2016 with an Intelligent Use of Water™

I’m sure that when you hire an irrigation contractor, you’d expect your vendor will only use state-of-the-art irrigation equipment. The […]

Turn high pressure into lower water bills

When it comes to a healthy & efficient inground sprinkler/irrigation systems, the quality of your system equipment makes all the […]