Automatic Inground Sprinklers: Never drag that dirty hose around your yard again!

Irrigation systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and homeowners like you should weigh your options before having GreenWay Irrigation install your new inground sprinkler system.

Pros and cons of automatic irrigation systems

Water is essential to keeping your lawn, flowers or garden amazingly healthy. The trouble with watering by hand is that it can be time-consuming, especially if your idea of watering is standing outside with that dirty hose that kinks or seems to get tangled on everything. But thanks to a professionally installed irrigation system from GreenWay Irrigation, watering will become a lot less “hands-on.”

And our inground irrigation sprinkler with a drip system takes much of the work out of watering your lawnscape. Best of all, your system can also be fitted to deliver pest repellents, fertilizer and weed-prevention products to your lawn. But before any digging takes place, we’d like to tell homeowners about the advantages and disadvantages of irrigation systems.

Advantages of an automatic irrigation system

One of the obvious advantages is the time savings you’ll enjoy with your automatic sprinkler or drip irrigation system. Once installed, our system’s timer will be set to water at specific time intervals and on certain days of the week. This obviously means there’s no need for you to be concerned about watering your lawn. This peace-of-mind functionality is awesome: especially when you’re away from home … so when you return from vacation—you’ll still see amazing grass.

Another advantage is that inground sprinklers, specifically with drip line irrigation, can be positioned so that water is more effectively targeted where it’s required most. When you water with a garden hose, you may overwater causing pooling or worse … jack up your electric & water bill. With a professionally installed system, we’ll make sure your sprinkler nozzles will be adjusted for maximum efficiency and focus your drip tubes so they will deliver water directly to plant roots—rather than wasting water on your walkway, road or driveway.

Another advantage of a Greenway Irrigation automatic irrigation system is that sprinkler heads are almost always concealed from view. So, forget about that unsightly hose stretched across your lawn and better yet—no more tripping hazards that could wind up being a lawsuit.

GreenWay makes sure automatic sprinkler heads pop up to spray and then retract when the desired area is watered. Our underground drip systems do their job completely out of view. Great for families with young children and pets who share outdoor spaces, automatic inground sprinkler systems are the safer option.

Disadvantages of an automatic irrigation system

The primary disadvantage associated with a sprinkler system is your initial expense. It’s no secret that some systems can be quite costly depending on the size of your property. Although we use extreme sensitivity, portions of your lawn will have to be intruded upon to install pipework and hook it up with the plumbing system of the home. Be prepared for days (or weeks) without use of your yard. And please be advised that after your system is installed, some of your landscaping will need mending.

One note of interest: It’s best to have GreenWay Irrigation install your inground sprinkler system prior to the installation of any sod or extensive landscaping because much of your yard will be disturbed. For the record—it’s not uncommon for homeowners who currently have pristine yards to be turned off by this reality. But that’s the beauty and the organic quality of nature, it heals itself quickly.


It’s important to note that even the most efficient sprinkler systems can have their drawbacks. There are occasions when wind can wreak havoc on your sprinklers, directing water in various directions. And for those who are near wooded areas, underground rodents may damage water-delivery systems, resulting in water pooling or broken parts. Oftentimes, these repairs to fix your irrigation system can be much more costly than replacing a kinked garden hose. Balance that with time you’ll save and you’ll figure what works best for you and your family!


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