Designing with Planting Bulbs

We touched on the steps for planting yesterday and even gave a couple-two-three tidbits about design … however, today we’ll go alittle deeper on design.


Yesterday we said to plant your bulbs liberally in clusters. If you plant a single bulb in a row—like making a long thin line along your walkway or driveway—I can almost guarantee the impact you thought you’d get will be disappointing at best. Clusters will deliver an amazing concentration of color and give all visitors the greatest impact. If by chance you don’t have enough bulbs for a large bed, small clusters can provide an insanely great spring show. Make sure you have a budget that will allow you to plant as many as possible.


Plant low bulbs in front of taller ones. This is a good general rule … especially for bulbs that bloom at the same time. Of course there are times you’d want to break this rule of “green thumb.” For example, if the low growing bulbs bloom early and the tall bulbs bloom late, plant the tall in front. Their display will make the perfect camouflage for any dying foliage of the smaller bulbs!


Consider utilizing a double-decker like effect. You accomplish this by planting small bulbs in a layer right on top of your large bulbs. If you plant bulbs that flower in the same time period, you can create an interesting effect. Here’s another thought—stagger the bloom time by planting mid and/or late-season bloomers together, creating a spring display that blooms—providing you an extended season of color!

As with anything “creative,” what you do with planting bulbs is limited only by one’s imagination. A few hours digging in the dirt on a fall afternoon will yield months of glorious blooms next spring.

Happy BULB planting!

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