Our thoughts for top garden magazines – honorable mention

We couldn’t leave these off pubs your radar … and by the way, I’m sure we’ll come up with a few more over the coming months. Please don’t be offended if we left your favorite off the list. Truth is … we really are fans of everything gardening!

Acres U.S.A. Magazine

This magazine is geared more towards the commercial gardening end of things, but I guess if that’s your business, you definitely want to have it handy. I’m told it’s the oldest and largest magazine covering sustainable farming and commercial gardening. How cool is that?

American Nurseryman

A publication dedicated to commercial horticulture, and has been around for 112 years! UNBELIEVABLE! What on God’s green earth is issue number 1 worth? Sorry, I’m channeling my inner comic book geek here. I would say that if you’re in the nursery business, you might be a regular reader of this grand daddy.

BBC Gardener’s World

Blimey! Of course, it’s a British magazine. Don’t be so quick to judge … there’s plenty of useful information to be found within the pages of this magazine, no matter what continent you like to garden on.

Gardening How-To Magazine

Gardening How-To is rock solid. It delivers bedfuls of articles related to the how-to and DIY projects, and takes away any intimidation about veggies, plants, and flowers so you can grow them yourself.

Hortus: A Gardening Journal

Hortus positions itself as “The most intelligent gardening magazine in the world.” It digs down pretty deep when it comes to gardening. You’ll find features, essays, notes, and a vast array of gardening topics. Also a nice section: they offer reviews on gardening books.

Herb Companion Magazine

As herb gardening becomes increasingly more popular, this pub will most assuredly serve as a master guide. Herb gardening seems to be enjoyed by all members of gardening (from vegetable to flower even), and it’s a relaxing way to enjoy your day. Having this magazine around will provide tips and tricks to make sure you are growing the best possible herb garden one can grow from earth to table.

Mother Earth News

If you’re into sustainability, natural living, and organics, this magazine is definitely for you! A prepper’s best friend! When it comes to organic living and gardening, Mother Earth News features plenty of planting and gardening tips and FAQ. Some of my friends even consider it a critical resource when looking for gardening information.

Sukiya Living Magazine (The Journal of Japanese Gardening)

If you’re into Asian inspired gardening … this bi-monthly magazine is just under 50 pages, and is dedicated to Japanese gardens and architecture. If you are into the Japanese way of the garden, I’m sure you’ll devour this cuisine.

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