Our thoughts for top garden magazines – Part 2 of 2

Gardening magazines provide oodles of monthly garden inspiration. They tell us about garden design ideas, new plants and gardening techniques. While ancient gardening books from mom’s collection are around like old friends, monthly garden magazines offer endless gardening possibilities.

6. The English Garden

This magazine is a wonderful mix of meticulously crafted private gardens and articles about what’s up in the industry. At the end of each garden profile there’s a cool feature—the owners of each gardener actually share their inside knowledge and tips. Whether you’re into the look of an English garden or just want to hear from some of the most enthusiastic gardeners out there, each monthly offering is a buried treasure and a true inspiration!

7. Garden Gate Magazine

Check this out! Garden Gate has no advertisements—IMAGINE THAT—just lots and lots of colorful pages dedicated to gardening how-to and tips. They have insanely great regular features like: Before & After, Container Recipe, Weed Watch and even a Design Challenge. Thumb through the pages and you’ll see there is always something new to learn, while providing plenty of spectacular eye candy.

8. Gardens Illustrated

A tasteful British gardening magazine that is available in the U.S. and Canada. They follow the seasons at various British estate gardens and offer insightful tips for an assortment of gardening styles.

9. Sunset Magazine

Not the sexiest name if you’re trying to attract readers, however, this magazine gets right to the root on a variety of topics. Ooooh sorry for the bad pun! Okay, I’m not sorry, but their articles are informative and educational. Sunset is not exclusively a gardening magazine, but since they set the standard for western hardiness zones and have produced such a wonderful library of western gardening books, they are often the first source turned to by western gardeners. Non-westerners like you and me could learn a thing or two from Sunset about upcoming trends that include, but are not limited to container gardens.

10. Birds & Blooms

If you like attracting fine feathered flying things to your garden, you will learn much here. Birds & Blooms combines the two interests into one magazine. You’ll find fun tips on plants for attracting all kinds of birds, along with an education for those of us who don’t know a sparrow from a finch. They also have crafts and projects and lots and a whole gaggle of photos.

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