Our thoughts for top gardening magazines – Part 1 of 2

Gardening magazines provide oodles of monthly garden inspiration. They tell us about garden design ideas, new plants and gardening techniques. While ancient gardening books from mom’s collection are around like old friends, monthly garden magazines offer endless gardening possibilities.

Here are some picks for the top gardening magazines (I’ll share another group in the next post).

  1. A Better Homes & Gardens  This pub features “real” gardeners with different interests and their unique gardening challenges. They quite often provide planting diagrams and find a way to also incorporate garden crafts. Because it stimulates the eyes and your creativity, I promise it will bring pleasure and make you remember why it’s awesome to garden & garden design. You’ll forget about the whole “weeding” thing.
  2. Fine Gardening I guess I like this one because they seem to be up on all the latest trends and always know what’s hot at the moment.
  3. Garden Design Pricey for some, but you’ll learn from the best experts in the field. The pix in this puppy are worth the price. You will find details about what’s new in both plants & designs … You’ll want to keep these back issues! One more thing: This pub works to be innovative with state-of-the-art methods.
  4. Horticulture magazine All the articles are educational—with a touch of inspiration that will present the best methodologies for your plants. This offering strives to teach the serious gardener how to be even better.
  5. Organic Life (formerly Organic Gardening) If you’re like our family, my wife has made a concerted effort to “go organic” for not only our safety, but for the health & safety of our baby daughter. What is especially nice about Organic Life is that a lot of their stories are about vegetable gardening—which is a topic not often covered in other monthly gardening pubs. And being organic, they have a wonderful way of addressing garden pests without being squeemishly buggy.

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