Preparing your garden for the winter

     I can assure you personally of this fact: “fall garden cleanup will make your spring gardening much more fun instead of a chore.” I truly speak from experience. Nothing is more depressing than leaving all the debris of this season for next year. Theoretically it sounds good now, however I know that when the nice weather breaks in Spring, I’m going to want to be out having fun after a long housebound winter. I guarantee at that time I will not will want to spend days of cleanup. So why not get it done this fall?
Here’s something to consider:
     Fall garden clean up will prevent pests, weed seeds and diseases from overwintering and taking foothold when next seasons temperatures climb higher. Cleaning out the garden for winter also allows you to spend more time in the cool, crisp fall air. It’ll lead to having a nice time on the fun, creative aspects of gardening in spring and will provide a clean slate for your annuals, perennials and garden vegetables to grow. In my estimation, cleaning out your garden for winter is one of the key aspects of fall cleanup—I said it before—it’s your opportunity to remove problem pests and potential disease. When you rake up old leaves and debris, you are removing a hiding place for overwintering insects and pests. Often times, the old plant material left behind is a perfect hiding place for spores & diseases, which can infect your fresh new plants in spring. After all, why waste your hard earned money? Your fall garden clean up must also include maintenance of the compost pile and proper practices to prevent mold and seed bloom.
     Now get out there enjoy!

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