SAVE WATER … SAVE MONEY in 2016 with an Intelligent Use of Water™

I’m sure that when you hire an irrigation contractor, you’d expect your vendor will only use state-of-the-art irrigation equipment. The truth is … it’s not always the case. However, you can rest assured the Green Way Irrigation team will use only high performance components for your new high-efficiency irrigation system. Best of all, you will instantly see the savings differencein thousands of gallons of water.

How do we achieve this? By employing the most efficient equipment available.

PRS Sprays
In-Stem Pressure Regulation (30 or 45 psi) maintains optimal water pressure. It’s important because every 5 psi reduction in pressure reduces water usage by 6% – 8%. A 70 psi system reduced to a recommended 30 psi for spray nozzles can provide more than 50% in water savings.

High Efficiency Variable Arc Nozzles
Most Efficient on the Market Efficiency Ratings
The nozzles we use deliver an average distribution uniformity of 70%, more than a 40% improvement over typical variable arc spray nozzles, cutting down your watering time by 30-40% per year.

Rotary Nozzles
Retrofitting standard spray nozzles utilizing an innovative assembly can reduce flow by up to 60% and improve water efficiency by up to 30%.

PRS Rotors & Swing Joints
In-Stem Pressure Regulation at 45 psi
Prevents water loss caused by uneven water pressure. Every 5 psi reduction in pressure reduces water usage by 6% – 8%. One of our rotors boasts a documented 15% – 45% water savings.


With PRS—Rotor with PRS at 79 psi inlet pressure. PRS regulates flow to 3.11 gallons per minute.

Without PRS—Non-PRS competitive rotor at 79 psi inlet pressure. Without PRS, flow rises to 3.81 gallons per minute.

Smart Controllers
Automatic Controllers with Water Efficient Features

Allows us to adjust run times and run frequency based on water loss from the soil through evaporation and to the plant through transpiration, ensuring that the right amount of water is applied. Automatic adjustment to watering schedules based on evapotranspiration (ET) and other sensor-based solutions can reduce water use by 30% – 50%.

One smart controller we’re particularly fond of comes from a full line irrigation manufacturer. It’s one of the few controllers to earn the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense label. The WaterSense label certifies that this controller has passed the EPA’s rigorous testing and confirms that the controller is at least 20 percent more efficient than other products, without sacrificing performance.

Central Control Systems
Flow Monitoring/Leak Detection

Reduces water loss by monitoring flows in real time to locate and isolate excessive flows caused by broken pipes, vandalized sprinklers or failed valves.

Eliminates runoff by applying water at a rate the soil can absorb—such as slopes—compacted soils and areas of poor drainage.

Rain/Freeze Sensors
Automatic Shut-Off Devices
Automatically shut-off the controller when rain is detected, resulting in water savings of 15% – 20%. Also eliminates unnecessary watering during cool transition seasons.

Landscape Drip
Direct Plant Watering Devices
Apply water slowly and directly to the roots of plants, using 30% – 50% less water than sprinkler irrigation and eliminating overspray and runoff.
• Micro Drip Emission Devices
• Surface and Sub-surface Dripline
• Spray Conversion Kit
• RWS Root Watering.


Intelligent Use of Water is a trademark owned by Rainbird

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