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The major advantage of a Green Way Automatic Irrigation system
is that it adds value to your property ... by improving the health
and well being of your turf & plants

Every inch of your property will have even coverage and distribution of water-and yet Green Way designs & installs auto-irrigation system with water conservation as it's most important factor. Watering will be timed and calibrated so there will be no wasted water-and yet you will achieve lush turf, robust plants and best-of-all-YOU SAVE money.

The time of day for irrigation is crucial. Watering in the early morning allows for peak water pressure. Typically, our automatic sprinkler systems start around 3 a.m. and depending on property size or zones-may run until 8:30 a.m. Watering in the early hours also reduces or eliminates evaporation of water due to the sun. Wind is at a day time low, thus, nearly all your water lands "on the intended target area," adding to your system's efficiency. A thorough soaking is important to developing deep, robust turf root systems that will survive even the harshest Northeast extremes.

It's important to note: Green Way does NOT encourage watering late in the afternoon. Many diseases are generated when soils go above 80 degrees (there are times during the late summer, these temperatures are exceeded) and the water sits idle.

An Automatic
Irrigation Sprinkler System

There are several important components that need to orchestrate simultaneously for your irrigation system to function properly.

This is the brain of your irrigation system. This box holds the programs that control your irrigation system. By precisely programming it's internal clock, you will certainly save money.

Sprinkler Heads
This is the part of your system that delivers the water to your lawn. The sprinkler heads are a very vital portion of the overall system. The two most popular are geared rotors or spray heads. They are also known as "pop ups."

These pieces of equipment receive orders from the controller via wires. They open or close, thus, controlling the flow of water to a specific zone. The valves are located inside of a plastic box underground. This protects them from corrosion. Often they are installed in a secluded area that does not get much attention, sometimes concealed behind foliage.

Rain Sensor & Weather Stations
These are wired into your controller. The rain sensor is designed to shut down the system when it detects rain. The sensor will then automatically come back online once your sensor dries, saving you money and ensuring your lawn is safe from overwatering.

Backflow Preventer
BY LAW, in the State of Connecticut, you MUST have a backflow preventer installed as part of your system. This is a safety measure designed to protect YOU, the consumer. How exactly? Without a backflow preventer ... any chemicals or pesticides that you put on your property may filter through the soil or into your sprinkler heads ... it may creep into your home ... thus, compromising you or your child's drinking water.

Special Needs

In addition to typical residential and commercial applications, Green Way can meet your special irrigation needs. These include, but are not exclusive to:

Drip and Subsurface Irrigation
application of water below grade and at low volume, both indoors and outdoors.

Point Irrigation
These are very small micro emitters that water a specific plant or group of plants delivering on target efficiency.

Application of water soluble fertilizers and/or wetting agents through an irrigation system.

Effluent Water Supply
Use of pond, river or other water source to supply irrigation system.

Our company has
been using Green
Way Irrigation for
several years. Green
Way is always
reliable and honest
with their cost and
time estimates, job
scheduling and
invoicing. We have
been so happy with
Green Way that we
have used them at
several of our locations
on Queen
Street in Southington.


We have comprehensive irrigation solutions that will promote
lush & beautiful ... healthy turf & plants
Your lawn will be green ... and the neighbors "green with envy!"

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